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Domaine La Lôyane

Created in 2001 by wine growers going back four generations, Domaine La Loyane is a family owned vineyard cultivating 25 hectares in the communes of Rochefort du Gard, Saint Laurent des Arbres and Saze. The vines are certified origin AOC Lirac, Tavel, Côtes du Rhone and Côtes du Rhone village.

Profiting from an exceptional geographical and geological setting, the vineyard is managed with respect for the environment with low yields from the oldest part of the property.

Our wines are created in the purest tradition of the southern Rhône Valley, and possess the typical characteristics of the region: power, elegance and finesse, with the unmistakable flavour of black fruits.

If we think that wine is hymn to Nature, that is wine grower's work: master the alchemy between Soil and Plant.

"La Lôyane" is the historical name of the place where domaine was built. "Loyane" meant, in ancient time, a territory occupied by wolves. 


For the pleasure of the taste buds, don't hesistate coming and tasting wines in our wine cellar


9h00 at 12h30 and 14h00 at 19h00


We meet you on the following markets
MOURIES the wednesday
CHÂTEAURENARD the saturday

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