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Viticulture and Winemaking

The elaboration  of wines  results from rigorous work throughout the year, vineyard to the cellar. The vineyard is managed with respect for the environment with low yields from the oldest part of the property. Each terroir having its own characteristics, we strive to develop them.

Possessing several small parcels scattered on various commune (different altitude, orientation, structure of soil...), we can vinify different and complementary terroirs. this diversity brings complexity when assembling wines. Worried about the quality of our wines, this passion brings us to the purest expression of our terroirs. To this is added the signature and character of the winemaker. This is why, we only make our great cuvees during the great vintages.


The conduct of the vineyard is essential to obtain a qualitative vintage. This is why the wine grower is a man of the earth. It is essential that it knows each parcel and its environment in all its dimensions: geological, fauna and flora, exposure...
The vine is the element of a whole: Nature. If man seeks to artificially Nature, he doesn't forget to respect and protect her, because Nature is the source of life. Throughout the year, the wine maker is in symbiosis with the vine because to understand it, he must love it. There lies the fundamental ethic of the domain La Lôyane, a philosophy that is transmitted to you through the elaboration of our wines.

Each step is important because it plays a role on production which influences quality. A large part of the vineyard is composed of old vines, up to 140 years for a parcel of Grenache classified as Cru de Lirac. Our vines have low yields which allow us to picking highly qualitative grapes.

Following the rhythm of seasons, we will detail the various works of the vine.

Winter: Organic soil amendment, winter pruning, maintenance, trellising, fastenning...

Spring and summer: bud-removal, maintenance of soils...

End of summer, autumn: harvest, vinification 


Generally, we start the second week of september and we can finish at the end of october. To choise the date of harvest, we taste grapes for obtain the optimal phenolic maturity. We collect pink and white grapes early in the morning to preserve the maximum of flavours and fresch temperature. We make manual or mechanical harvest.
We vinify separately the terroirs and the grapes varieties.


The vinification is a decisif stage in the developement of wine. This is the moment when the winemaker places his signature. He becomes terroir's interperter.

We make vinification in Stainless steel tanks with temperature-controlled or in old barrels (300L or 600L).

We detail the different stages of vinification.
Vinification in white and pink : Destemming, pressing, racking, use of indigenous yeast, alcoolic fermentation, racking, stirring of the lees.
Vinification in red: Destemming, take in tank, cold pre-fermention, alcoolic fermentation, hilling-up, malolatic fermentation, devatting, racking.


Ageing consists of oxygenate and soften the tanins of the wines.
We use wooden containers : big barrels 400 and 600 L and oaks 225L. They are regulary cooled. According to the wines we work the fine lee, which brings volume. We remove the wines in the spring. After removing we taste to make the best combination .
Don't forget that vintage are the result of weather conditions. The winemaker must question himself because each year is different. This is why the winegrower is passionate about is profession.